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By contributing a monthly gift. For less than $1.00 a day, you can help WellFully serve over 900 kids in our Black Hills community.
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A transition to a new name, and our own identity…

Since 1990, Wellspring, Inc. of Rapid City has served more than 25,000 youth and family members in an on-going effort to make them Fully Well.

The term “Wellspring” was an apt name for the organization, offering a positive theme of recovery and growth for the boys and girls that we are striving to help. If you search online for the term “Wellspring,” you’ll find thousands of entries, dozens of organizations, many of which are the same type of organization as ours. In addition, wellspring is defined as “an original and bountiful source of something.”

While we would be proud to just be these things to the young people we serve, our true goal is to be a positive inspiration for the strength they already possess.

To help them rise from whatever low place they find themselves, whether it’s from addiction, behavioral challenges or just feeling alone, and help them to move to a place where they are well… FULLY WELL

So what better time to change our identity to our own single message. One that best describes what we do and who we strive to be…

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Need help?

If you’re a youth who needs support, a parent looking for help for your troubled teen, a foster parent that needs a place to turn to for help…

We are here for you!



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WellFullys programs and services are accredited by Joint Commission and the South Dakota Division of Behavioral Health. We are licensed by the South Dakota Department of Social Services and the South Dakota Department of Health.


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