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Community financial support is important

This Premier Adolescent Care Center will be a very important be a major asset to our community and its youth through the financial support of organizations and individuals such as these that the WellFully Premier Adolescent Care Center succeed.

Please consider a donation, whether it is a one-time donation by clicking this “donate button’, or through monthly donations through the link below. Either way, the youth of WellFully… and this community thank you.

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How can you help WellFully serve more youth in our beautiful new building?

By contributing a monthly gift. For less than $1.00 a day, you can help WellFully serve over 900 kids in our Black Hills community.
To make a gift, please select your level to the right, click subscribe. To pay with credit or debit card, there is a small link on the subscribe page below the Log-in Button on the bottom right. If you have any questions or need assistance with your monthly gift, please email info@wellfully.org or call us at 718-4870.

WellFully Monthly Giving Options

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