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WellFully Scholarship Program.

Because of the importance of continued education after high school, WellFully’s scholarship program gives the young men and women it serves an opportunity to enhance their life and their future, and is available to any past or present participant in a Wellfully program. An announcement will be made each fall when the applications process for scholarships will open.

Scholarship amounts available are:

  • $5,000 to attend a 4-year brick & mortar college (1 available)

  • $1,000 to attend any post-secondary institution (5 available)

  • *Please be advised that scholarship awards are issued directly to the educational institution once enrollment is verified.

Scholarship Eligibility

  • Any current or former WellFully  youth who is a junior, senior or current college student is eligible to apply.

How to apply

Please send the following information either in the form below or email with subject line “WellFully Scholarship Application” to jessica.olson@wellfully.org

1. Name

2. School Year

3. Contact Information: (Address, phone, email)

4. GPA*: (a transcript will be requested for the winner)

*Preference for the $5,000 award will be given to applicants who have achieved a 3.0 GPA

5. Why do you want to go to college? (paragraph response)

6. How did your time at Wellfully Wellspring impact your life?

(paragraph response)

Selection Process

  • Application closes Dec 31st.

  • Awards will be announced in February 2018.

  • Funds will be distributed in the Fall of 2018.

  • Scholarship Committee reviews applicants and selects top candidate in January.

  • Scholarship Committee includes Wellfully Executive Director, Fundraising Chair, Finance Director, Finance Chair, and 1-3 Community members preferably from scholarship sponsor group.

We are now accepting applications for 2018 WellFully Scholarships!

Applications will close December 31, 2017.

Scholarships will be awarded at the 

We Believe in Kids Benefit Dinner on February 15, 2018. 

Learn more about the dinner…

As a $1000 sponsor of the 2018 Scholarship program, you will receive:
• Scholarship Sign at “We Believe in Kids” Benefit Dinner with your name/logo
• Your company name/logo on our website scholarship page promoting your sponsorship.
Click above to make your direct donation. Please note Scholarship on the form.
RSVP by 1-26-18

Multiple Winner!

Wellspring has helped me maintain a year sober and kept me out of trouble since. I can honestly say, I would not be doing as well as I am for myself without Wellspring.” ~Khalil

Thanks to our


Scholarship Fund



Scholarship Application

3 + 5 =

2015 Runner-Up!

Why does she WANT to go to school?

 I now BELIEVE that I am able to accomplish graduating. I’d also like to be one of the

first people in my family

to achieve completing college.

Being at Wellspring impacted my life in many different ways.
It showed me what it’s like to have high self-esteem;
it also showed me how to cope with my emotions. ~L