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By contributing a monthly gift. For less than $1.00 a day, you can help WellFully serve over 900 kids in our Black Hills community.
To make a gift, please select your level to the right, click subscribe. To pay with credit or debit card, there is a small link on the subscribe page below the Log-in Button on the bottom right. If you have any questions or need assistance with your monthly gift, please email info@wellfully.org or call us at 718-4870.

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Addiction Recovery Services on the Road

Pine Ridge SignWellFullys Addiction Recovery Services are on the road. We offer consistent assessments, intensive outpatient and continued care services (for pre- and post-residential recovery) that are either limited or unavailable in rural locations. From our work so far, we know our mobile program is sustainable, effective, and we are providing a much-needed public health service for adolescents in Western South Dakota.

More than a typical outpatient recovery program, our mobile services are for those individuals with high needs, living in outlying areas that don’t have easy access to the kind of programs that organizations such as WellFully offer in Rapid City. Our goal is to be there for those individuals with high needs and need our help!

For an appointment, call (605) 718-4870 ext 306 or email kevin.callahan@wellfully.org

Need help?

If you’re a youth who needs support, a parent looking for help for your troubled teen, a foster parent that needs a place to turn to for help…

We are here for you!



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WellFully programs

WellFullys programs and services are accredited by Joint Commission and the South Dakota Division of Behavioral Health. We are licensed by the South Dakota Department of Social Services and the South Dakota Department of Health.


Our youthWellFully served

  • Admission of youth assessed to WellFully residential addiction recovery program 75%
  • Wellfully Mobile Program Relapse Prevention 83%
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