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A Premier Adolescent Care Center…premier-care-center-public-website-2

with a one-of-a-kind Teen Development Program will be a significant step in the right direction to achieve Rapid City’s vision of a safe, healthy, inclusive and skilled community by providing educational opportunities for our youth and workforce to develop the skills needed to succeed!

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LAB – Life Above and Beyond

    Public Teen Development Program

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A need for a Premier Adolescent Care Center

WellFully continues to be a critical organization for at-risk teens in Western South Dakota who are struggling with substance abuse addiction, behavioral challenges, and need support to improve their lives. Building a Premier Adolescent Care Center will allow us to provide the best possible environment for youth in our current programs and offer the space to create new programs to address service gaps for youth in our community. In the new building, we will expand to provide a continuum of care with more services for at-risk teens and new programs for all youth.

“WellFully put me on the right path…

I am actually proud of myself.”  

– Joshua

Our new facility will impact over 900 adolescents per year, triple our current capacity, and offer a complete continuum of care to hundreds of adolescents every year through:

  • Expanded medical and mental health care focused on teens.

  • Expanded day school options for area high school students.

  • More rooms to meet the growing need to treat addicted youth.

  • Life Above & Beyond (LAB): A new, unique teen development program FREE to local youth where they can take classes to learn life & job skills.

Why do we need a new building?

Currently, WellFully can only treat 300 children per year. We have outgrown our residential capacity and would like to expand our medical and mental health services; however, we need more space.

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“I felt safe and felt like people actually cared!” 


Funding our Future!


WellFully is poised to expand. We are operationally sustainable and ready to take this next step to build a bigger and better building that will offer expanded and new services.


With support from our generous community friends, we will be able to build this Premier Adolescent Care Center by 2018!

“WellFully taught me how to get back up after falling.”


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