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The nurse is responsible for ensuring that the medical needs of clients are met. The nurse ensures that proper documentation and procedures are completed related to all medical, medication management and infection control issues. This position is supervised by the Medical Director and COO and is evaluated after the three month probationary period and annually thereafter. 


  • Complete medical evaluation of youth admitted into the inpatient units within the guidelines set by our licensing and accreditation agencies.
  • Maintain communication with Administration when assessing healthcare needs of residents.
  • Collaborate with the Medical Director for recommendations and referrals needed.
  • Conduct sick call services to residential youth.
  • Be in compliance with all state, federal licensing and accreditation standards.
  • May be asked to review and provide input in updating policies and procedures surrounding medical, infection control and quality and safety management as it applies to the services being provided.
  • Maintain organized and up-to-date medical records on the youth.
  • Maintain thorough and appropriate medical and infection control documentation and collect records and data as is necessary.
  • Communicate with the State Health Department regarding communicable diseases.
  • Ensure that dental, medical, eye, and psychiatric appointments are set up for youth or proper documentation is obtained indicating the youth is not in need of appointments in these areas.
  • Conduct TB screening and testing for all new employees and youth or ensures that proper documentation for TB screening is received.
  • Monitor and treat minor medical problems and determine when a physician should be contacted.
  • Review all prescriptions when received for accuracy with physician’s order.
  • Review residential Medication Administration Records (MAR) weekly to ensure proper documentation.
  • Maintain the Medication Administration Records (MAR) and other related documentation for medication management including updating medication changes.
  • Contact the referral agency and parents related to medical issues of their child.
  • Depending on qualifications may be asked to assist in conducting in-service to employees regarding medical issues.
  • May be asked to assist in providing in-service for youth regarding health issues and education.
  • Depending on qualifications may be asked to assist in conducting Medication Administration Training to all staff who needs to be Med Aid Certified in accordance with SD Administrative Rules and the SD Board of Nursing.
  • Maintain medical supplies.
  • Monitor the contents of First Aid Kits and ensure proper contents.
  • Provide on call services and respond to the facility if needed.
  • Interact, communicate and work effectively with staff and youth.
  • Adheres to and is knowledgeable concerning Wellspring’s Workplace Practices, Founding Principles, Mission Statement, Core Values and Vision Statement.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Education and Experience Equivalencies:

Must be a Registered Nurse currently licensed to practice in South Dakota. Prior experience preferred with special needs population, especially Emotionally, Behaviorally Disturbed population.  All candidates must have (or qualify to obtain) a current South Dakota driver’s license, proof of insurance and be cleared through the Central Registry of Abuse and Neglect and the Division of Criminal Investigation.

Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to perform crisis intervention techniques to control a physically acting-out youth.

To apply

Please email your cover letter, resume and references to info@wellspringrc.org.